Make a D.E.N.T.™ in Chronic Disease

Your Guide to Living Pain-Free Through Functional Medicine

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What Is "Make a D.E.N.T.™ in Chronic Disease"?

"Make a D.E.N.T. in Chronic Disease" was written to empower you with education and support to bring you to your greatest state of well-being.

With This Book You Will:

  • Gain Knowledge to Get to the Root Cause of Your Illness
  • ​Read About How Your Perception Drives Your Stress Level
  • Explore Ways to Empower Yourself to Take Control of Your Health
  • ​Get Tools to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes for You and Your Loved Ones
  • ​Discover the Profound Effect Your Life Choices Have on Your Immune System

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Who Is Dr. Trish Murray?

Dr. Trish Murray was born and raised in Rye, NY. She graduated from New York University undergrad in 1985 and from University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1999. She went on to do her residency in internal medicine at the University of Connecticut.

Dr. Trish is a highly accomplished physician who has been certified in four different medical specialties including internal medicine, osteopathic manipulative medicine, energy medicine and functional medicine.

Dr. Trish has designed numerous courses in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and has taught hundreds of physicians in continuing education programs for more than a decade. Her hands on, as well as internet based, nationally accredited courses are sought after by physicians worldwide.

What Clients Are Saying About Dr. Trish Murray:

"It was what I needed to have a sense of community because there are a lot of ways I was thinking about my own health, medical care, nutrition and lifestyle that weren’t shared by people I know, my family or others that I knew in town, so it is a great opportunity to interact with other like minded individuals."
"My primary care physician was astounded by the difference between May and August, I think if she could have done cartwheels she would have."
"I feel much better, and I smile more. My husband lost 5 pounds and I’ve lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks! I feel great and am so happy I’m doing this. Thank you, Dr. Murray!"
"The support of the staff at Discover Health is amazing. I am so glad that I have these people and this resource in my life! Thank you Discover Health!"
"I would highly recommend doing the program, for me it’s been life changing!"
"I have less fatigue, and lost almost 40 pounds, my cholesterol and blood pressure is a lot better too!"
"We are very glad we came! She taught us some educational things on nutrition and diet which is very helpful, versus trying to change numbers on a chart from a prescription drug and I like that."
"I really was able to specifically say “Wow! I don’t feel that anymore and it is because of what I am doing here."
"At the end of 4 months I feel as though I have totally transformed and have my life and health back."

Here are Some of the Secrets That Will Be Revealed Inside This book..

  • Understand how immune system works to fight harmful substances and germs... (page 15) 
  • Discover the underlying root causes of inflammation... (page 16)
  • The top 3 immune system imbalances and what to do about each of them... (page 22)
  • The consequences of disrupting our protective barriers... (page 27)
  • How the environment you create supports balance or imbalance... (page 37)
  • Why you are more in control of your health than you think... (page 39)
  • ​The secret to have the power to change your physical health... (page 46)
  • ​Why living healthy is a journey and not a destination... (page 57)
  • ​​How the food choices you make lead towards either health or illness... (page 59)
  • The truth about how everyone's health is different and unique... (page 69)
  • Discover the foods that are good for you and which are not good for you... (page 71) 
  • ​The ultra simple way to understand stress and what happens to your body under pressure... (page 81) 
  • How to live in a stressful world and proven stress-busting strategies... (page 82) 
  • ​Why your perception of the world drives your stress-level... (page 86) 
  • ​The key to have the power to change your perception... (page 92) 
  • ​Discover the "hidden invaders" in our bodies and why we can't live with and without them... (page 103) 
  • ​How to reduce the amount of harmful toxins in your body... (page 107) 
  • ​How to keep your defences strong and balanced without pharamaceuticals... (page 111) 
  • ​The best choices that will strengthen or weaken defences...  (page 118) 
  • ​ ...and much, MUCH MORE!

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